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Marissa Tettamanti

Marissa Tettamanti

Marissa Tettamanti is a Famous Photographer in Vancouver, BC Canada

About me

Hello! My name is Marrissa and I am an Canadian Photographer based in vancouver  

Landscapes Photograph are a passion of mine and a big part of my style.

The natural and built landscape is beautiful thing and I love featuring them in my photographs. You will see this throughout my work over the years.

Marissa Tettamanti


Marissa Tettamanti

Picture of Nature

My Personal style of photography is about telling a story

I have a very special approach in capturing the exact right moment. I like to capture it in my own style, but let the story of the Nature and the wildness be taked

Marissa Tettamanti

My very Own Style

Marissa Tettamanti is a multi award winning oceanic and nature photographer of international acclaim, based in Vancouver Canada

Growing up in Alaska, USA, i was  was his parent’s gift of a Nikon disposable water proof camera at ten  years old that set me on the path to the photograph passion. While most kids of my age were reading comics, i rather Read some Book of National Geographic 


More About Marissa Tettamanti

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Marissa Tettamanti